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MATTERS THAT THE JEHOVAH’WITNESSES of the Watch Tower ARE BANNED BY ITS LEADERS OF reflect " You know how many witnesses there, Jehovah "obey the Watch Tower" were not offered jobs by mail and rip of fear of being apostate letter?

You know how many there letters of sincere people asking questions or issues sincere about the Bible, and were simply "rejected", "broken" and "thrown in the trash" because of the morbid fear of being "apostasy"?

We have imagined a Jehovah's Witness unemployed receive a letter from a firm offering them employment and the Jehovah's Witness rip that letter even before reading it?

Is this not have occurred? Since the leadership of Jehovah have urged witnesses to or conditioned that the witnesses Jehovah not to read anything other than the Association of Watch Tower, (clearly against the commandment of 1 Tess. 5: 21) since any apostate could order him apostate with a letter, does not occur in a company order a letter giving employment to a Jehovah's Witness unemployed and the same "rip it" without at least read it? Yes, you can.

And if the Jehovah's Witness to open the letter and give the company is not offering him employment, and is an apostate, and the elders knew that she read this letter, according to the rules of the Watch Tower, the Jehovah's Witness will to be disassociate Not for disassociate , it must participate in a meeting judicative and explain to the elders in detail everything that occurred and she had no intention to read the letter from the apostate.

If they convince did not intend to read the letter, but read without wanting to, the elders say to her: "You have doubts about the Organization of Jehovah"?

If this person would like to claim that a convincing explanation on the alleged apostasy contained in the letter that she read unintentionally, the order of elders not "waste time" with this "desert sheep," and disassociate, to "protect the rest of the herd ". (There are working to the benefit of the doubt biblical Jehovah's Witness to "not lose time")

Is love of elders to act well? Disassociate without answering the question raised by Jehovah's Witness who opened the letter unintentionally?

This is not the way that the elders have acted? So the rule of the Watch Tower is: Do not open any letter "strange", not read anything on the Internet about religion or about explanations of the Bible that does not originate from the Watch Tower. The question of sincere people who study the Bible, in accordance with 1 Tess. 5: 21 is: "Not the Bible says that the Christian must first make sure all things? As he to go make sure all things if he or she is persuaded not to open any strange letter? And the Bible does not say that the elders should be able to solve any doubt sincere arising between the "sheep"?

Given this, the question is: Who is more certain: the Apostle Paul, who was inspired by God to write 1 Tess. 5: 21 .. IN A MANDAMENTO CRISTÃO saying "Take note of all things" .. or .. Watch the Tower of that beforehand says: "Do not read anything" strange "about biblical references or religious ..?

If you're Jehovah's Witness, answer to those questions, if able. Yes, as a Jehovah's Witness regard the Bible, must be open mind, make sure all things, even if the "pope" does not say that. In this case who does the role of pope is the Watch Tower. Or am I wrong? If you're Jehovah's Witness, answer to those questions, if able.

But if simply abide the biblical commandment of 1 Tess. 5: 21, in detriment to the commandment of men, of course, the above incidents do not occur, or any Jehovah's Witness would run the risk of losing their jobs, since the open letter and would be happy to get a job, would be happy if a letter of apostate and that the doubts of reading this letter would be resolved by elders and love ENABLED Bible.

However, this does not have occurred. Or am I wrong? If you're Jehovah's Witness, answer to those questions, if able. Now perceived as the 'Armageddon' "is taking" to come? Why does the Armageddon is taking to come, OK ? It would not be because of these "pearls" above practised within the "true religion" ...? Or am I wrong? Come on, if you are a Jehovah's Witness, answer to those questions, if it is able

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"Leave God created humanity only because the majority of humanity would become bad?"

"Ph.D. thesis of know how on the Metaphysics of Free thought subserviency " Olivieri Francisco Rocha Couto "Leave God created humanity only because the majority of humanity would become bad?" "I will not create the angels and not human beings because they become ill? -- Could have thought God. God, using your Prescience, he could very well whether angels or Adam and Eve would sin or not. But, W.J, through the "faithful and discreet slave", teach that God could not know, because that would mean that if God know it, He would not have created the worlds He is a God of love and that He would be the responsible for all the evils of humanity, if he knew
and that therefore he wont decide to use its Prescience in the case of Adam and Eve, to create these. Therefore, the conclusion of speculative Jehovah’s witnesses is that God don’t knew that Adam and Eve would sin. But who are we to arrive at such speculation? Who are we to conclude that God did not know that Adam and Eve would sin? If He is the Creator, All-Powerful and Sovereign of the whole universe, He could have used Your Prescience and noted that even as Ideal, Adam and Eve would sin with the angel who became Satan. And that this "defect" would not blame him, but the "possibility" inherent to the free will .. A striking feature of free will, we all respect, is the "power of possibility" that we can do what we think are well of our lives. (Although we have to suffer the consequences, whether good or bad the correct use or abuse of these possibilities). Therefore, if God knew that Adam and Eve would sin, and not to be responsible for the sins that the descendants of Adam and Eve would cause mutually between them "until the 'chaos' in which we," He could have created Adam and Eve as "little robots" only to do well. But if He did so, would say: "Oh .., the Lord created all scheduled to make only for His Way." It might not think so? So, even God knowing that They (Adam and Eve) would sin and using the power of love itself, He resolved create them anyway because the free-arbitration ( free will) gives the possibility for creatures the power to use for evil. Some problem? No.
If it is free will, the person has the opportunity to practice abuse. That is why God placed it there in the Garden of Eden a tree with literal not poisonous fruit chemically, but that they represented
the law of God govern their lives for good, only to the well, if not eat your fruit (*) . Why? Why is the Creator SINGLE ALL-PODEROSO, he would not have and do not have to give satisfaction to anyone than he did, will to do or fail to do. But if He uses for his prescience, could point out that Adam and Eve would sin, and now? Suppose that He comptait it for their children angelical. Would they understand? And if these children angelical claimed the hypothesis that such a violation of free will in order to stop doing things just the way of God, could give right? It may be that this abuse of freedom, as You see, do not bring any harm, after all, to date not made any test accordingly " Certainly, such "doubts" arise, as was the first time that this would come with humans and with angels (on the same occasion, an angel has taken advantage of this "possibility" and decided to be independent of God, "abusing the discretion". And even He knowing that They (Adam and Eve) would sin through the abuse of this angel who also sinned, anyway, “He is love”.( 1 John 4 : 8 ) (It could not be ... but, fortunately He is.
Why? Because, to allow Adam and Eve did sin , would be the only way to show for the world what happens when is violates Your love´s laws. And the love’s laws, unfortunately, there is the possibility of suffering, as we all know and experience that when there is a correlation of both parties to a simple example of love, that the free will not solve nurture the same feelings towards the another person, and ... we know the outcome, is it not? Under the love’s laws of God are included the laws of gravity, the laws of physics and all other laws that govern the universe. In they sin , the creatures human physiology changed to the "status" of things the result of compliance or not these laws. And only by God allow such transgretions in all these generations to the present, he could create a Jurisprudence at the Court of the universe that will be used indefinity in the future. What is this Jurisprudency(judgement) ?
That the free will have bad consequences when abused. And if someone in the future resolve "to abuse" of free will, he left only one verdict: Death eternal with the consent of the majority consciously
And no creature can say that God is wrong to execute them because they have the ruling filed in the Court of the Worlds certifying what to violate the free will have bad consequences (wars, diseases, hunger, pest, poverty, abuse of power, destruction of the environment , Injustices, etc.., .. That all we are witnesses.) And so, all humanity obedient will be happy forever if they do not abuse the free will, and because he will be able "to resolve" ALL HUMANITY’S PROBLEMS. Therefore, God either knew or not, if Adam and Eve would sin, it would not change anything in the faculty of love that the Supreme Sovereign of the universe was, He have and ALWAYS WILL BE with all their creations. But go to the point of saying that God did not know, there is already too, right?
By knowing this, we can "Praise the Creator" with a "Hallelujah". And one of these forms of love, is to have provided the "rescue" we all know, that is Jesus Christ. Amen (*). let it be said in passing that this result has nothing to do with sex, well before that, God had said that if they grow and multiplication and that with the "blessings him" because God had already married Therefore would not have any sense God have put sin as sexual relations between this married couple has previously by God very well before eating of the forbidden fruit. Therefore, it is more speculation of a "faithful and discreet slave" to say that God did not know that Adam and Eve would sin and that the other witnesses of Jehovah submissive are forced to swallow as much as the assertion that the day of Jehovah and the end of Christianity would be in the twentieth century. (kJ200) And the "stings" in insects? And the long sharp teeth in animals? And the system of "hiding" in animals? No proof that the animals that God created us to devour others? No. Why? Because God knowing in advance that some creatures that were their perfect would violate the free will, provided such animals to protect themselves from each other because the consequences of such abuse of free will .. And the camouflage is a way to protect itself. And why an animal has to want to devour the other? Because the violation of free will caused by intelligent beings unbalanced the whole environment, making fail food plants due to these animals. And with the lack of food, the animals began to devour each other to ..., but we can assume that before was not so. One example is the gorilla. He has long sharp teeth, but it is to eat roots, bark of trees, not to kill another animal and devour it with the meat. So why not the other animals mimic the gorilla, the bull, cow, horse, they eat grass? Because the violation of free will caused changes in dietary habits of the creatures. A tiger, for example, started to attack humans "in the back" and devour the meat because it began to eat human flesh of corpses that were not properly buried, and hence, came to get used to the taste of human flesh. But, originally, was not to be. Originally, both the man and the animal, were created to be happy, and all sensible people that they will agree to live in happiness we need to respect the right of all living live, and live with quality of life. Certainly, originally, all living creatures human and animals were created to be vegetarian. Then, with the abuse of free will, was that resulted in what we see today, that is these differences of nature. So it would be a very great naivety, not to say anything else, alegarmos that the Supreme Sovereign Creator of the universe, which is All Power, which has Prescience, which looks to the past, present and future at all time, had not noticed the possibility of Adam and Eve sin. I believe that as the free will provides the possibility of abuse of it, the evil would arise on the part of someone who no longer nourish the quality of "love" to what is right. And God might well have noticed that but decided not to tell anyone. But suppose that God knew that rely solve that Adam and Eve would sin. What could arise? But if you knew then that they created? Then, to avoid controversy, God decided not count as well as a father with a son, not of adult.E would understand certain things about the sin of Adam and Eve and that angel, God would not only prevent it from using its Power. What would he? Would Destroy immediately the violators of free will? Hence the question arise: "But, does this breach of free will that God wanted to block" that would be harmful to others? "Notice? So to give a chance to observe these questions and prove that the mode It is right, God allowed and has allowed the abuses to the present. Clearly, he often intervened taking into account the prayer of supplication of many that were being victims of abuse of free will and was in favour of such victims, and often, many others that were abusing the free will "eradicated" by He and other many times, he allowed many of its creatures were unfortunate victims of violation of free will, not interfering so that the free will to be brought to its last consequences. It is the free will. Some are victims, others are harm touched them. This is where many times, many of us do not understand and ultimately responsible to God for the horrible things we have seen in humanity (war, the consequences of greed: poverty, hunger, disease, environmental destruction, etc. ..) But I believe now, since it has already been proven in history of the universe, that the violation of free will (which is in fact a violation of the law of love for God and the next) and brought back unpleasant consequences for all , God will not allow the abuse of more free will, for "the good of all and general happiness of the nation of all its worshippers." How so? As will be filed in the court of the Worlds the consequences of violation of free will in this historical period of more than 6,000 years of human creation, no one else will doubt that the way of God is the best way, and thus, God will destroy all bad and preserve all good. And if in future any daring, or anyone else, thinking about wanting to solve abuse of free will, all creation will be unanimous in blocking this as meaning "without consent questioning" the divine intervention that God destroy such saucy immediately, so that peace and happiness continues to reign throughout the universe. So the free will is vital to the happiness of all, but since not violated and not abused. There will always be the free will, but everyone is aware of the consequences of abuse of free will and that there is more unhappiness with such abuses, God intervene immediately against anyone else for that abuse of this free will, or is this person will not lead to more end the culmination of such abuse.

The Original

“Tese de Doutorado em Conhecimentos Gerais sobre a Metafísica da Subserviência ao pensamento Livre”

Francisco Olivieri Rocha Couto

“Deixaria Deus de criar a humanidade só porque a maioria da humanidade se tornaria má ?”

“ Não vou criar os anjos e nem os seres humanos porque eles se tornarão maus “? – poderia ter pensado Deus.

Deus, usando de sua Presciência , Ele poderia muito bem saber se anjos ou Adão e Eva iriam pecar ou não.

Mas, As T.Js , através do “ escravo fiel e discreto “ , ensinam que Deus não poderia saber , pois isso significaria que se Deus soubesse disso, Ele não teria criado a humanidade porque Ele é um Deus de amor e que Ele seria o responsável por todos os males da humanidade, caso soubesse.E que portanto, Ele resolveu não usar a sua Presciência no caso de Adão e Eva, ao os criarem. Sendo assim , a conclusão especulativa das testemunhas de Jeová é que Deus não sabia que Adão e Eva iriam pecar. Mas, quem somos nós para chegar a tal especulação ?

Quem somos nós para concluir que Deus não sabia que Adão e Eva iriam pecar ? Se Ele é o Criador , Todo-Poderoso e Soberano de todo o Universo , Ele poderia ter usado da sua Presciência e notado que mesmo sendo Perfeitos, Adão e Eva iriam pecar juntamente com o anjo que se tornou Satanás. E que tal “ defeito” não seria culpa Dele, mas sim, da “possibilidade” inerente ao livre arbítrio..

Uma característica marcante do livre-arbítrio, que todos nós respeitamos , é a “faculdade da possibilidade” de podermos fazer o que bem entendermos de nossas vidas. ( muito embora, tenhamos que sofrer as conseqüências, sejam elas boas ou más do uso correto ou abusivo dessas possibilidades ) .

Portanto, se Deus soubesse que Adão e Eva iriam pecar , e para não ser responsável pelos pecados que os descendentes de Adão e Eva iriam causar mutuamente entre si “até chegar no ‘caos’ em que estamos”, Ele poderia ter criado Adão e Eva como “ robozinhos” só para fazerem o bem.

Mas, se Ele fizesse isso, iriam dizer : “ Ah.., o Senhor criou tudo programado para fazer exclusivamente do Seu Jeito”. Não poderiam pensar assim Dele ?

Então, mesmo Ele sabendo que Adão e Eva iriam pecar e usando a própria faculdade do Amor, resolveu criá-los mesmo assim porque o livre-arbitrio dá a possibilidade das criaturas o usarem para o mal. Algum problema ? Não.

Se é livre-arbítrio, a pessoa tem a possibilidade de praticar abusos .

Foi por isso que Deus colocou lá no Jardim do Éden uma árvore com frutos literais não venenosos quimicamente , mas que tipificavam o direito de Deus governar as suas vidas para o bem, somente para o bem, caso não comessem do seu fruto(*)

.Por quê? Porque sendo o ÚNICO Criador TODO-PODEROSO , Ele não teria e não tem que dar satisfação para ninguém do que Ele fez, vai fazer ou deixar de fazer . Mas, se Ele usasse de sua presciência, poderia notar que Adão e Eva iriam pecar, e agora?Suponhamos que Ele contasse isso para os seus filhos angelicais. Será que eles entenderiam ?

E se esses filhos angelicais alegassem a hipótese de que tal violação do livre arbítrio no sentido de deixarem de fazer as coisas somente do modo de Deus , poderia dar certo ? Pode ser que tal abuso da liberdade, assim como o Senhor vê, não traga nenhum mal , afinal de contas, até o presente não feito nenhum teste nesse sentido”

Com certeza, tais “ dúvidas” surgiriam, pois era a primeira vez que isso ocorreria com os humanos e com anjos (nessa mesma ocasião , um anjo se aproveitou dessa “ possibilidade” e resolveu ser independente de Deus, “ abusando do livre arbítrio “ .

E mesmo Ele sabendo que Adão e Eva iriam pecar através do abuso deste anjo que também pecou, mesmo assim, Ele é amoroso. ( Poderia não ser..., mas, FELIZMENTE , é . Por quê ?

Porque , ao permitir que Adão e Eva pecassem, seria a única maneira Dele provar para todo o universo o que acontece quando se viola as suas leis de amor . E na lei do amor , infelizmente, há a possibilidade de sofrimento, como todos sabemos e vivenciamos isso quando não há correspondência por uma de ambas as partes envolvidas num exemplo simples de amor ,que pelo livre arbítrio resolve não nutrir os mesmos sentimentos para com a outra pessoa e ,...já sabemos o desfecho, não é verdade ?

Nas leis de amor de Deus estão inclusas as leis da Gravidade, as Leis da Física e todas as outras leis que governam o Universo.

Ao pecarem, as criaturas humanas alteraram a fisiologia do “ estado” das coisas da conseqüência da observância ou não destas leis. E somente por Deus permitir essas TRANSGRESSÕES em todas essas gerações até o presente , Ele poderia criar uma Jurisprudência no Tribunal do Universo que será usada INDEFINIDAMENTE no futuro.

Qual é essa jurisprudência ? Que o livre arbítrio tem péssimas conseqüências quando é abusado. E se alguém no futuro resolver “ABUSAR” deste livre arbítrio, só lhe restará um veredicto : A morte eterna com o consentimento da maioria conscientizada . E nenhuma criatura poderá dizer que Deus está errado ao executar essa pessoa porque têm a Jurisprudência arquivada no Tribunal do Universo comprovando que VIOLAR o livre arbítrio têm péssimas conseqüências ( guerras, doenças, fome, pestilências, pobreza, abuso de poder, destruição do meio ambiente, injustiças, etc.,..que todos nós somos testemunhas.) E sendo assim, toda a humanidade obediente será feliz para sempre desde que não abuse do livre arbítrio, pois Ele terá e tem condições para “resolver” TODOS O PROBLEMAS DA HUMANIDADE. Portanto, Quer Deus soubesse ou não, se Adão e Eva iriam pecar, isso não alteraria em nada a faculdade de Amor que o Soberano Supremo do Universo teve, tem, e SEMPRE TERÁ para com todas as suas criações. Mas, ir ao ponto de afirmar que Deus não sabia, aí já é demais. Ao sabermos disso, podemos “ Louvar o Criador “ com um “ Aleluia”. E uma dessas formas de amor , é ter providenciado o “ resgate” que todos nós sabemos, que é Cristo Jesus. Amém.

(*).diga-se de passagem que este fruto não tem nada a ver com as relações sexuais, pois bem antes disso ,Deus havia dito que eles crescessem e se multiplicassem e isso com as “ bênçãos Dele” pois Deus já os havia casado, portanto não teria sentido nenhum Deus ter colocado como pecado as relações sexuais entre este casal já previamente casado por Deus muito bem antes de comerem do fruto proibido.

Portanto, trata-se de mais uma especulação do “ escravo fiel e discreto” em afirmar que Deus não sabia que Adão e Eva iriam pecar e que as demais testemunhas de Jeová submissas são obrigadas a engolir tanto quanto a afirmação de que o dia de Jeová e o fim da cristandade se dariam no século vinte.( kJ200)

E os “ ferrões” no insetos ? E os longos dentes afiados nos animais ? E o sistema de “ camuflagem” nos animais ? Não prova isso que Deus criou os animais uns para devorarem os outros ? Não. Por quê ?

Porque Deus sabendo de antemão que algumas criaturas suas que eram perfeitas iriam violar o livre arbítrio, dotou tais animais para se protegerem uns dos outros devido a tais conseqüências do abuso do livre arbítrio..

E a camuflagem é uma forma de se proteger. E por que um animal tem que querer devorar o outro ?

Porque a violação do livre arbítrio causado pelos seres inteligentes desequilibrou todo o meio ambiente, fazendo com que faltassem os alimentos vegetais devidos para esses animais. E com a falta desses alimentos, os animais passaram a se devorar uns ao outros..., mas podemos supor que antes não era assim.

Um exemplo é o gorila. Ele tem longos dentes afiados , mas é para comer raízes , casca de árvores, não para matar outro animal e devorar-lhe a carne. Então por que os outros animais não imitam o gorila , o boi, a vaca, o cavalo, que comem capim ?

Porque a violação do livre arbítrio causou mudanças nos hábitos alimentares das criaturas. O Tigre , por exemplo, passou a atacar os humanos “ pelas costas” e devorar-lhe as carnes porque começou a comer carne humana de cadáveres que não eram devidamente enterrados, e por isso, passou a se acostumar com o sabor da carne humana. Mas, originalmente, não era para ser assim. Originalmente, tanto o homem como o animal , foram criados para serem felizes, e todas as pessoas sensatas hão de convir que para se viver em felicidade é preciso que se respeite o direito de todos os viventes viverem, e viverem com qualidade de vida. Com certeza, originalmente, todas as criaturas viventes humanas e animais foram criadas para serem vegetarianas. Depois, com os abusos do livre arbítrio, foi que resultou em tudo o que vemos hoje, ou seja estas discrepâncias da natureza.

Portanto, seria de uma ingenuidade muito grande, para não dizermos outra coisa , alegarmos que o Criador Soberano Supremo do Universo , que é Todo Poderoso, que tem Presciência , que olha para o passado, presente e futuro a todo o instante, não ter notado a possibilidade de Adão e Eva pecarem. Acredito que como o livre arbítrio proporciona a possibilidade do abuso do mesmo , a maldade iria surgir da parte de alguém que deixasse de nutrir a qualidade do “ amor” ao que é direito. E Deus poderia muito bem ter notado isso, mas resolveu não contar para ninguém. Mas, suponhamos que Deus resolvesse contar que sabia que Adão e Eva iriam pecar. O que poderia surgir? Mas, se o Senhor sabia, então por que criou Eles ? Então, para evitar polêmica, Deus resolveu não contar , assim como um Pai diante de um filhinho, que não entenderia certos assuntos de adulto.E quanto ao pecado de Adão , Eva e aquele anjo , não teria como Deus impedir isso apenas usando de seu Poder . O que Ele faria? Destruiria imediatamente os violadores do Livre arbítrio ? Daí surgiria a questão : “ Mas, será que tal violação do livre arbítrio que Deus “ queria bloquear” seria mesmo prejudicial à outrem ?
” Notou ? Sendo assim, para dar uma chance de respeitar a tais perguntas e provar que o Modo Dele é o correto , Deus permitiu e tem permitido os abusos até o presente.

É evidente que muitas vezes Ele interviu levando em conta a Oração de súplica de muitos que estavam sendo vítimas do abuso do livre arbítrio e veio a favor de tais vítimas , e em muitas vezes, muitas outras que abusaram do livre arbítrio foram “erradicadas” por Ele, e em outras muitas vezes, ele permitiu que muitas de suas criaturas fossem vítimas infelizes da violação do livre arbítrio, não interferindo para que o livre arbítrio fosse levado as suas últimas conseqüências. É o livre arbítrio. Uns são vítimas, outros são ilesos. É nesse ponto que muitas vezes , muitos de nós não compreendem e acabam por responsabilizar a Deus pelas coisas horríveis que temos visto na humanidade ( guerras, as conseqüências da ganância : pobreza, fome, doenças, destruição do meio ambiente, etc..)

Mas, acredito que agora, uma vez que já tenha sido provado na História do Universo, que a violação do livre arbítrio (que nada mais é do que a violação da lei do amor a Deus e ao próximo)trouxe e trás conseqüências desagradáveis a todos, Deus não permitirá mais o abuso do livre arbítrio , para “o bem de todos e felicidade geral da nação de todos os seus adoradores” .
Como assim ? Visto que ficará arquivado no tribunal do Universo as conseqüências da violação do livre arbítrio neste período histórico de mais de 6.000 anos da criação humana, ninguém mais terá dúvidas que o modo de Deus é o melhor modo , e sendo assim, Deus destruirá todos os maus e preservará todos os bons. E se no futuro algum engraçadinho , ou quem quer que seja, resolver pensar em querer abusar do livre arbítrio, toda a criação será unânime em bloquear a tal no sentido de “consentirem sem questionar” a intervenção divina de que Deus destrua tal engraçadinho imediatamente , para que a paz e a felicidade continue a reinar em todo o Universo . Portanto, o livre arbítrio é vital para a felicidade de todos, mas desde que não violado e não abusado. Sempre haverá o livre arbítrio, mas todos estarão conscientes das conseqüências do abuso do livre arbítrio, e para que não haja mais infelicidade com tais abusos, Deus intervirá imediatamente contra quem quer que seja que for abusar de tal livre arbítrio, ou seja, tal pessoa não levará mais a termo a culminação de tal abuso.

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The J.Ws. have much to learn ... In terms of " Teocratic Justice" ... !

For example, if one is wronged, call for several] Instances of Appeal Justice Common. However, among the "Organization" them, there is only one Instance of Appeal. Only one. There is no other more. If there injustice in the first meeting of appeal "them" (Meeting judicative of appeal), do not have any more output. The solution is to resign, lower their heads and return as a "sinner sorry," even if you have been unjustly convicted and desassocied. I know that the leaders of J.Ws are afraid to talk about it because it created this policy and they are arrogant, not back ago. And turn, of course, will say that it was one of "new lights" that came from the sky directly to the "slave". Jehovah can not use anyone from outside to bring new lights (*) "indirectly" (except for the former President of the Organization "WatchTower”, Charles Taze Roussel, who learned from the Adventists hither to considered" Babylonia "... (This is proven by their Literature of the Jehovah’s Witnesses) And then opened the Organization of Watch Tower - "thanks to" help "that was of Adventists" - exclaimed Charles T. Roussel. (See Directories, biography of Charles Taze Roussel, CDs of the Association of Watch Tower, etc. ..) But, returning to the subject of "appeal" the leaders of J.Ws. do not admit fault in the meeting of appeal. What has been decided is decided. However, if the Justice Policy (outside of the Organization of Jehovah) commit injustices against such leaders in several appeals, they or them ... Continue calling ... and calling, ... So ,.... The J.Ws. have a lot to learn yet .. or not ..? (*) As the new light that is occurring now, but it's part of a supposed alien between them. . Did you Understand?
Or am I wrong?

quinta-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2008

There are Jehovah's witnesses of Watch Tower, created from 1931 and there are witnesses of Jehovah according Holy Bible are created 2740 years ago, (Isaiah 43: 10-12) The Book of Isaiah was write in 732 A.E.C ( 732+2008=2740 )

Jehovah's witnesses according Watch Tower lately have violated some Bible principles, such as John 2: 14-16, for example. .Although deny whether to accept it is a reality.

According John 2: 14-16, that the Jehovah's Witnesses of Watch Tower of state obey and respect, saying that mentions Jesus Christ "Don’t do trade in the house of His Father," as a kind of respect as a head prohibiting the family who go to the table lunch and everyone agrees without shirt or a forum of Justice where prohibits that come from Bermuda or without shirt and all also agree.Similarly, when Jesus using a whip and expelling the traders who were trading in the temple, he expressed that there was a sacred place and it should be respected.

And as a matter of ethics, most Christian religions perhaps avoid making any kind of trade within their temples into consideration and respect the rules of Jesus Christ . The question is: What if the temple, although still belong to the Organization religious administers, is rented to a tenant who will pursue some type of trade any? The owners of the same would be infringing the ethical standards set by Jesus? Some might to ratiocinate thus: "Oh, .. Do not have any problem, because there no longer work any temple, so the biblical principle of the Jesus does not apply ”. "However ratiocinate: Suppose that the spouse of someone who knew the Bible mentions that" the marriage bed "should be spotless '( without defilement )(Hebrews 13: 4) means that leaving your residence, such spouse could throw with the other spouse outside his marriage in a "drug conjugal bed" in this case would not be such a sin extra-marital relationship?

What has changed there was a geographical region of the marital bed, but they will all agree that adultery exist because there is still a covenant of marriage between them. Similarly, having a temple dedicated (and a spouse was dedicated to another to be fair in each marriage another) even when not being used as a church but as a building any, but still is agreed and part of the organization arrangement (Organization belongs to) the principle of adultery to the covenant of Jesus on John 2: 14 -- 16 is the same.

Like a spouse would be free to throw in another bed with another conjugal if there was a divorce between them, the same way, a Hall of the United only be free of the pact of Jesus in John 2: 14-16 is not relate more to the Father of Jesus. The principle is the same. Nevertheless, the Jehovah's Witnesses of the Watch Tower are inflict this principle (a type of spiritual adultery - See James 4: 4) lease by one or more that the kingdom's Halls still belongs to the Organization of Jehovah that the tenant make trade him .They are breaking the pact. If these Kingdom's Halls does not make more of the Organization of Jehovah equal to the divorced spouse, then that's fine. But they will all agree that a spouse still married spouse who sleeps with another stranger to his marriage (or covenant) is adulterer.

Similarly, the leaders of the Jehovah's Witnesses Watch Tower, have done "views coarse" the fact that the Kingdom Halls lease that still belong the Organization for other activities unrelated to the work of these religious who is preaching and teaching the Bible. Whilst can prove that this rental income is used to build other lounges of the Kingdom, this does not invalidate the words of Jesus in John 2: 14 -- 16, as well as a claim to the other spouse who is respecting the marriage bed them, but that only sleeps with another person in another marriage bed, this does not exempt from the guilt of adultery spouse, dear reader agrees or not dear reader? Similarly, it gives the lease of the Kingdom Halls that still belongs to the Organization of Jehovah (of a bond, a pact as a marriage).

I hope that the Jehovah Witnesses, who do not have any commitment to the church board, but with the truth, can analyze this fact with the hand on the minds of the words of Jesus in John 2: 14 to 16. Because the legitimate witnesses of Jehovah than 3500 years ago only had the benefit of Jehovah when followed its laws and watched his pledge. And the Jehovah's Witnesses of the Watch Tower, will be prepared to think the same way? If they repent of this transgression communal above, Jehovah is merciful to forgive them, if not, remember the words of the Galatians 6: 7: "What the man sow, that is what reap." Also, another biblical principle that the Jehovah's Witnesses from the Watch Tower practiced is the fact that millions of copies wrote in a book published in hundreds of languages saying that "the day of Jehovah" and "the end of Christianity" if would in the Twenty Century " '(Book" The Nations will know that I am Jehovah-How?, on page. 200).

Any witness of Jehovah's of the Watch Tower will remember the case of Deuteronomy 18: 20-22, which states that if a prophet to speak something in the name of Jehovah who He have not comamanded him to speak it is PRESUMPTUOUS and should be dead, "says the Bible. There are more other evidence in other magazines and books from the Jehovah's Witnesses Watch Tower of that mention other false prophecies, (but that the leaders were TO GO AWAY to give explanations) but believe that the evidence above is more than enough. Only I am citing all these facts here to know that because of the leaders of the Jehovah's Witnesses Watch Tower of abuse of power by not giving any satisfaction to its members who are angry with such things. Instead give them a personal reply to each of its members who are angry with what happened, they simply "if TO GO AWAY ," .. "pretend they do not know of anything," .. and accuse the indagator of "apostate" as a way of not having to give anyone the satisfaction of its administrative improbability to the Holy Bible as above, and that is evidenced by the vast majority of his Jehovah's Witnesses who know of such events.

And you dear reader or dear reader, to know these facts, what will? Continue supporting leaders who violate biblical principles? .. OR .. Will do Acts 5: 29 that mentions that the Christian must first obey God as ruler before the men ...?

( Dear reader : excuse-me for hardly translation the Portuguese for English)